Thursday, 30 September 2021

Stagecoach Cease Using Sainsbury's Bus Stop

The North Road stop
 From Sunday, 3rd October Stagecoach buses will   no longer observe the southbound bus stop   outside the old Gillow's building on North Road.   The stop, which has had various names over the   last few years is currently known as "opposite   Sainsburys" and traditionally was used mainly   by   passengers alighting from buses heading to   the   city centre from the west and north.

 However, the growth of student accommodation   has led to large numbers of passengers boarding   buses there, particularly those heading for the   University in the morning peak hour. Although   few passengers pay cash, the boarding process   is   still prolonged by the need for all prepaid   tickets   to be scanned and read by the ticket   machine,   leading to delays to the buses and to   traffic that   is stuck behind the loading   bus.   Stagecoach also says that by not observing the stop, buses will be able to remain in the outside lane on North Road and therefore access the bus station more easily.

Buses operated by Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire on services 8 (St Chads), 582 (Skipton) and L1 (Park & Ride) will continue to use the stop, which is not being removed.

Whilst the Bus Users' Group would normally be opposed in principle to the removal of a much-used bus stop we do recognize the problems caused both to car drivers and to bus passengers heading for the bus station who are being delayed by the use of this stop. Loading the University-bound passengers at the bus station, which is only 280 metres away via the pedestrian crossing on North Road and where the buses are allowed time in the schedule to load and unload, does not appear too unreasonable. Passengers who currently alight here to visit the Sainsbury's supermarket on the other side of the road will find that the bus station is a mere 60 or so metres farther away.

We will, however, keep an eye on the situation and if other difficulties become apparent we will take them up with the powers-that-be.