Tuesday, 14 January 2020

The 555 Takes to the Stage!

Let's face it, buses don't often feature on the stage, or any other form of entertainment (with the exception of one notorious 1970s TV show!).  But for three days only (Thursday 6th to Saturday 8th February) Stagecoach's 555 service from Lancaster to Keswick has its very own show - at The Dukes in Lancaster.

Billed as "a comedy drama; a heart-warming and hilarious tale of journeys taken and not taken, of regrets and celebrations, of isolation and what it means to be free..."

Ladies That Bus is based on real-life interviews with bus passengers in the North, and peppered with humour, songs and original music. It shows a day in the life of the 555 bus travelling from Lancaster to Keswick and the kaleidoscope of different characters that travel on it - each with their own tales to tell..."

So why not take this unique opportunity to see our very own 555 bus on the stage.  Who knows, if you've ever used the service you might be in the play!