Saturday, 16 December 2017

County Council Offers Day and Weekly Tickets on Supported Services

Co-incident with the introduction of new contracts for supported bus services in Lancashire the county council is requiring operators to issue and accept a range of one-day and one-week tickets.

Each service, or group of services, has a separate ticket and prices vary according to area. Not all services have a one-day version.  Of course, it's not possible to work out how much value-for-money the tickets represent compared with ordinary fares as these are, naturally, a closely-guarded secret and can only be found by asking the driver when you travel!  Nevertheless, it's a start.

Here is what is available in our area:

Service 51  Carnforth - Silverdale
Day ticket  Adult £6.30 Child £3.20   Weekly ticket Adult £17.00 Child N/A

Only valid for unlimited travel on the following local bus route:-
Service 51 Carnforth – Warton – The Yealands – Silverdale

Service 89  Lancaster - Knott End-on-Sea
Day ticket  Adult £6.30 Child £3.20   Weekly ticket Adult £17.00 Child N/A

Only valid for unlimited travel on the following local bus route:-
Service 89 Lancaster – Royal Infirmary – Cockerham – Pilling – Preesall – Knott End

Note that although the prices are identical the tickets are not interavailable and each service requires a separate ticket, perhaps understandable as the two services have no physical connection. There is no ticket for service 33 Morecambe-Bare Circular or the Park & Ride and, presumably, Stagecoach's own tickets are considered sufficient for service 18 in east Lancaster. Nevertheless, the Bus Users Group strongly hopes that a similar arrangement will now be made for the Lune Valley, where service improvements have been promised for February.

One of the most extensive networks covered by the ticket is in the East Lancashire where 10 different services provided by three different operators are included in one ticket, with both one-day and one-week versions available. Full details of services covered are here.

Closer to home there are tickets for the Fylde Coast, Wyre and South Ribble  and a full list can be obtained via this link

It is important to realise that the tickets only cover the council-supported services and do not include commercial services in the areas covered. Nevertheless it is a welcome development. Hopefully the council will consider using forthcoming powers under the Bus Services Act to expand the scheme to take in commercial services and develop a series of multi-operator tickets throughout Lancashire.

A Ribble bus promoting the Red Rose Rambler ticket
in the old bus station in Lancaster in 1983.

Who knows, one day we might even get back to the situation that pertained a mere 35 years ago when a "Red Rose Rambler" ticket gave unlimited, all-operator travel all over the county, with some versions even including trains as well?

Now that would be "integrated transport"!


  1. That's good but I use 89 arrive from Islamic college stop to bus station and then the park and ride for work 3 times a week now it's a total pain having to buy 2 bus tickets a day when they are both kirbylonsdale coach hire buses with there no way they'd integrate a KL weekly ticket covering certain boundaries? I have asked drivers to mention it to owner of KL but they feel this council won't allow it as the ticket machines are all preset by LCC so no way of doing it. Ta

  2. Weekly tickets ? Service 89 only runs Monday - Saturday do they issue a ticket for 8 days to give you 7 days travel with no service on Sundays

  3. Presumably the price reflects the lack of a Sunday service. The price of £17 works out at about £2.84 a day over 6 days or £3.40 over 5 days. If you are paying more than this on a daily basis then you should consider buying a "weekly". If not, just stick to pay-as-you-go.

  4. Details now on the Cumbria Council website for a new service from Kirby Lonesdale to Lancaster, bus 582 will run every 2 hours with a larger gap at the beginning of the day and extra services from Kirkby L at the end of the day. It looks to run off or run on to the 581 which also has time changes including a later departure from Settle.