Monday, 26 September 2016

Stagecoach announces October service changes.

From the Stagecoach website:

Service changes in Lancaster

From Sunday 2nd October 2016, following a review of services, we will introduce changes to some services in Lancaster.

Service 2X.
Following a route change around White Lund Industrial Estate in Morecambe, there will be a minor change to timing points in Heysham from Monday - Saturday. From Morecambe, timing points between Mossgate School and Heysham have been re-timed to run 2 minutes earlier.

Service N1 and X4
Service N1 will be re-numbered to N2 and integrated into the timetable for service 2. Normal single journey fares apply or pay £1 per journey with a megarider or unirider ticket.
Service X4 will be re-numbered to X3. Poorly used journeys on Service X3 will no longer run. On Monday to Friday, the 0840 and 1810 and on Sundays, all journeys to 1915 will no longer run. The 2215 Sunday journey has been re-timed to run 10 minutes later to better meet the trains.
Take a look at the X3 timetable and the 2/2A/N2 timetable

Service 40/41
To improve punctuality on these services, journey times will change on Mondays to Saturdays. This will particularly affect journeys during the morning and evening rush hours.
Take a look at the 40/41 timetable.

Service 940/941/942
All journeys have been re-timed slightly to run earlier. Every journey will run on school days only.
Take a look at the 940/941/942 timetable

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