Meeting Notes September 2017

Notes of the meetimng held at the Cornerstone, Lancaster 28th September 2017
(Full minutes are supplied to members automatically)

1.  County Councillor Keith Iddon, LCC Cabinet Member for Highways had been invited to speak to the meetinmg but was unable to attend.

2. Bay 1 in the bus station is now fully accessible and operational. There are still issues to be dealt with at the Keswick Road bus stop on the Ridge.

3.  Stagecoach's new Operations Manager explained her role. There are now new inspectors on duty in the bus station to ensure good working of services.

4. The City Council will be asked in the Group can put up a display board in the bu station.

5. Stagecoach's Operations Manager explained the company's plans for dealing with the forthcoming closure of Greyhound Bridge.

6. There were no reported issues of overcrowding or passengers being left behind on University services so far this year.

7. There was a report on patronage on service 18. It continues to increase.

8. LCC is putting all its contracted services out to tender as part of the additional £1M being made availble for bus service support.  New services will begin on 11 December 2017

9. It was noted that the campaign for carers of disabled people to have free bus travel in their own right applied only to Scotland. However, Lancashire CC does not issue passes for carers accompanying disabled people and the Group will consider how best to campaign for this.

10. Times of meetings were still casuing problems. It was decided to3.15 pm for this winter. This could be reviewed if this isn't working for members.

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