Meeting Notes October 2016

The October meeting was brought forward from November to allow County Councillor John Fillis, Cabinet Member for Highways & Transport to talk to us and answer questions.

Councillor Fillis answered questions about his personal vision for the future of public transport, the outlook for the remaining bus services operated under contract to the council (where he announced a one-year extension to current contracts), the policy for areas now left unserved by bus (there isn't one), the Transport Masterplan for Lancaster and the Park & Ride.

The Group's new leaflet was shown to the meeting and members agreed to distribute it.

At the request of our member, County Councillor Gina Dowding, Cllr Fillis agreed to meet her and the BUG at County Hall to discuss the problem of the lack of action in improving the bus service to the former Moor Hospital site.

Full minutes of the meeting have been supplied to members of the Bus Users' Group

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