Monday, 10 July 2017

Bus Station to get £150k Makeover

UPDATE:  For temporary departure stand arrangements during the work click here.

Opened in 2001, Lancaster's bus station is now set for a much-needed refurbishment.with the City Council investing £147,000 to bring the facility up to the standard local bus passengers deserve.

The work consists of cleaning all the external metalwork such as the entrance columns and the removal of any corrosion. These areas will then be redecorated.

The roof will also be treated - both internally and externally to include the removal of the vegetation!

The matting at the entrance will be replaced and extended to reduce the amount of moisture brought into the building on people's feet, hopefully reducing cleaning costs.

Lastly, the external balustrade and railings will be given a new coat of paint.

Works will start on 24 July and continue for six weeks, being timed to co-incide with school and University holidays. During the work each side of the bus station will close in turn for a three-week period, with bus departures being relocated. It is hoped to accommodate all services within the bus station but some use may have to be made of Dalton Square.  The internal work - such as the matting and work on the internal roof - will be done at night to minimise disruption. Whilst not part of the refurbishment project, it is hoped that work can also be done to improve access for disabled passengers to the smaller  buses used on some city services.

Lancaster is fortunate to have a modern, undercover bus station, complete with toilets, refreshments and an enquiry office - something not enjoyed by towns such as Kendal, Barrow or Blackpool - and the Bus Users' Group is pleased to see that the City Council is prepared to invest in this asset.


  1. There is no mention of improving access in the above article.

    Access onto buses at Lancaster bus station is currently flawed. There are bollards in front of the bus (to stop it hitting the windows) prevent the buses from lining up with the sliding doors. The result being that part of the ramp is facing the window. With some design of bus (or some drivers) the result actually creates such a sideways step as to be impossible to get a powerchair on. At other times it is painful or more than a little hair raising getting off a bus unsure whether I will skid into the window.

    I am requesting that this issue is resolved as part of the proposed refurbishment. I am happy to meet with staff. However I have surgery 13/07/17.

    1. Carol, if you re-read the penultimate paragraph of the above article you will see that some work will be done to improve access. We understand the main problem is in boarding the smaller "Solo" type buses, where the wheel is in front of the door. Larger buses have the door in front of the wheel and the access is designed to accommodate these buses at present, which is why the door doesn't line up properly.
      The City Council tell us that some work will be done to make it easier to board the smaller buses from stand 1. They are already aware of our members' views on the matter.