Sunday, 11 December 2016

Park and Ride Service Starts

Lancaster's new Park & Ride service started operation on Friday (9th December). Operator Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire has sourced this new bus, which as the livery suggests is dedicated to the new service.  The Bus Users' Group photographer finds that all modern buses look the same to him (although he could tell a Guy Arab IV from an AEC Regent V at a glance!) so if any more knowledgeable person amongst our readership knows what it is please leave a comment.

Now is a good time to try out the service, which runs every 30 minutes between the new car park at Caton Road Business Park (just off Jc. 34 on M6) and the city centre, because the county council has not yet installed the necessary Pay & Display ticket machines at Caton Road and has pragmatically decreed that the "Park" element of the charge has been suspended until February, leaving only the "Ride" to be paid for at £1.50 per person return. (Bus Passes accepted after 0930 and all day Saturday).