Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Service 80 Re-routed in Hornby

Lancaster District Bus Users' Group is happy to have been able to assist residents in Hornby who found themselves inconvenienced by the latest round of changes to the village's bus service.

Prior to 3rd April service 80 (Lancaster to Ingleton) ran directly from Lancaster along the A683 to the village centre, whereas service 81 (Lancaster to Kirkby Lonsdale) diverted via the B6480 and Station Road and served a number of residential properties on the way. 

With service 81 now reduced to a two-hourly frequency some residents who were inconvenienced by the change approached the Bus Users' Group for help.

As the section of the A683 that the 80 was using was largely unpopulated the Group was happy to support the residents and to ask Stagecoach to re-route the service.

Although we have yet to receive a formal response from Stagecoach we have now been told by the residents that the 80 is already following the 81 route, just as they had requested. Regular passengers had even been approached by an inspector in Lancaster bus station and told of the change of route personally!

There obviously won't have been time to change the service registration and a look at Stagecoach's new map on their website suggests that this was always the intention anyway. Perhaps the message just didn't get through to the local staff,  but for whatever reason the residents are happy - as is the Bus Users' Group - and a big "Thank You" to Stagecoach for responding so quickly.

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