Saturday, 2 April 2016

Let Us Know How the Cuts Affect You.

Service 5B: One of several to be withdrawn
With the new bus timetables being introduced on Sunday, 3rd April Lancaster District Bus Users' Group is seeking to learn the effects on local residents.

The new timetables include cuts to evening and Sunday services to the Ridge, Vale and Marsh areas of the city as well as to nearby towns and villages such as Glasson, Cockerham, Pilling, Caton, Brookhouse, Hornby, Wray, Wennington, Tunstall, Melling, Kirkby Lonsdale, Carnforth,Warton, Yealand and Silverdale. Evening services between Lancaster and Blackpool are also withdrawn and the villages of Gressingham, Arkholme and Whittington are left without any effective bus service.

The Group is already aware of many people who will find it difficult to continue to travel to and from work as well as to get to the theatres and cinemas in Lancaster and to visit friends and family. Also affected are people returning home from longer-distance trips by train who will be unable to reach Lancaster in time for their last bus home.

If you are affected by the cuts, or know someone who is, please let the Group know, either by leaving a comment below or emailing us on  This will help us to focus our efforts and see what can be done to alleviate the problem.  The Group is already in touch with residents of one Lancashire village and is working with them to design a proposal and secure funding for a replacement service. We would like to do more of this work and your experiences will help us in knowing where best to look.

The Group has had some success in getting Lancashire County Council to change its mind over services such as the 33, 51, 81 and 89 and we hope that much more can be achieved.

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  1. living in Warton, at least we have a daytime service, but if we were to be working til 5.30pm or later in Lancaster then there is no bus home. No evening bus curtails us going into Lancaster in the evening which in turn means less income for Lancaster businesses. Currently we'd use the bus at weekends to get home after a night out. Also no bus home if we decided to for example go to Manchester for the day. OK there's the train as far as Carnforth, but then stuck there having to walk or get a taxi for a relatively short distance. Also, anyone who works shifts is scuppered. These days more and more jobs eg. Tesco, Aldi etc, require you to work unsociable hours etc.

  2. Hi, I live in Halton and these cuts have badly affected me, and plenty of other people in my village. Thankfully, I have a considerate workplace, so I have been able to alter my contract to accommodate this change. Other people have not been so fortunate, and have had to give up jobs they love to work somewhere which can accommodate this new service. Our nightly and evening service of the 81A and 81B have been terminated, resulting in no public transport on evenings from 7pm and none on a Sunday or bank holiday. This is causing a lot of people, including myself, to resort to expensive taxis to resolve the issue.
    I'm very disappointed with these cuts. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of these services deemed quiet, were actually very busy, and constantly used.

  3. I relied on Sunday and evening buses to visit my mother in Hornby, I am currently in no position to run a car. When the council were carrying out their on the bus 'consultations' on the Sunday services last year, everybody on board said they had no other means of making their journey, whether that be for work or pleasure. There is a clearly a demand for these services. Thank you for keeping up the good fight, here's hoping in time, some kind of evening and Sunday service will be restored.

  4. In Whittington we have no shop, no pub and no doctors surgery. It costs £6.00 each way to get into Kirkby by taxi, in order to do any shopping, to collect our repeat prescriptions and see the Doctor. To go to RLI we then have to get the bus to Lancaster but cannot accept appointments that are too late for us to catch the last bus back. We cannot access the cinema or theatre in Lancaster for the same reason. Yet because we are in a rural area our properties are placed in higher Council Tax bands than in the city, therefore we pay more Council Tax and get less service. Currently there is no foreseeable option available.

  5. Living in the village of Whittington, I now feel trapped, the bus service was my lifeline between Kirkby and Lancaster. I've had to cancel monthly medical appointments in Morecambe because the £60 return taxi journey is unaffordable. The Council have discriminated against rural communities, and left us isolated. We really need help.

  6. Can I suggest Lune Valley communities get together and form a community bus service like Little White Bus or Upper Wharfedale Bus in Yorkshire have? Many of you are retired drivers, you could rent a 16 seat bus and only need a Community Permit from VOSA to operate any type of service, be it scheduled or on demand. Don't just moan on here, do something Yorkshire!

  7. I live in Arkholme and as a result of the bus cuts have become completely dependant upon my parents to get into school, to go and see my friends... even for basic things such as getting a hair cut or going to the dentist. Both of my parents work and are busy a lot of the time, hence I try not to bother them by asking for lifts. The consequence of this is that I am completely trapped in a village with no amenities, with no way to either of the nearest towns. To be perfectly honest, I can live with a little social exclusion, however what is a huge concern for me is having no reliable transport into or out of school. I am in my final year of secondary school and am studying for Alevels, and yet I am unable to stay after school to work in the library, there is no early bus to make sure I'm in school in time for exams, hell there's no bus full stop! Its utterly unacceptable to leave school children stranded and limited to only one local school because thats the only school with a bus service. This is affecting a lot more than social life, this is impacting the education of all the young people living on the more populated and higher tax paying side of the lune valley

  8. The 81B service was cut and a lot of school children relied on that service to take them home after school. They now have to wait an extra 30 minutes and even 1 hour 30 minutes in some cases for the next bus. I know some parents are not happy about letting their children stay in Lancaster till 5:15, especially when the dark winter months hit us. The council don't seem to realise how many children are affected and how it could be endangering them when young children are wandering around Lancaster till after dark just to get home.

  9. We note that the majority of these comments refer to services in the Lune Valley and in particular to the west bank - Arkholme, Whtiington etc. As commnenter Mark Nelson suggests, perhaps the answer is a Community Bus Service. The Bus Users' Group would be happy to assist local people in setting one up, but we feel that the initial impetus should come from local communities. If anyone is genuinely interested in the idea please let us know and we will attempt to put you in touch with each other.

  10. I have contacted all of the Parish Cllrs twice, yet have received nothing back. Our community is desperate, people are stranded and considering moving house1

    Mr Anonymous 10 April please note that we do not simply moan, we attempt to be pro active