Tuesday, 8 March 2016

County Council Reprieves Some Local Bus Services

Service 89 has been saved!
Lancashire County Council has decided today to continue to provide a number of supported bus services that were set to be discontinued in April. The Council has allocated £2M to allow a number of bus services throughout Lancashire to escape the axe.  The services concerned will provide basic daytime services to areas that would otherwise have been left without any bus service and do not include any evening or Sunday services.

In Lancaster, services 33, 51 and 89 will now continue with reduced timetables and an extra early evening journey will be added to Stagecoach's commercial service 81 to help people get home from work. Stagecoach has already announced that it will provide commercial journeys on Sundays on service 5 and will extend service 49 beyond Halton to provide a service to the Kellets, Carnforth and Warton. The company will also run some extra early evening services on Lancaster city routes.

The Lancaster District Bus Users' Group welcomes the County Council's decision and agrees that this is the best use of the limited funding that the council now has available for bus services. Whilst we are naturally disappointed that many evening and Sunday journeys will be lost we would be interested in working with parish councils or local communities to explore ways of restoring these via alternative funding sources.

The following timetables will now be introduced on 3rd April 2016 

Please note that the documents are advance copies and are not prepared to the usual standards of presentation for public copies. As soon as these are available we will link to them instead. Lancaster District Bus Users' Group presents these timetables in good faith but cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies or changes made subsequent to the start of the services concerned. Passengers are advised to check nearer to the date of travel.

Services not listed below are expected to continue unchanged except services 1, 5B, 5C, 55C and 81A, which are withdrawn.

5  Overton - Morecambe - Carnforth
7  Lancaster - Vale
10 Lancaster - Ridge
11 Lancaster - Marsh
33 Morecambe - Bare (Circular)
42 Lancaster - Blackpool:  Journeys operated by Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire in the evenings will be withdrawn as will the last journey in each direction on Sundays operated by Stagecoach
49  Lancaster - Halton - Carnforth - Warton
51 Carnforth - Silverdale
55 Lancaster - Hest Bank - Carnforth - Warton
80 Lancaster - Ingleton
81 Lancaster - Kirkby Lonsdale
89 Lancaster - Knott End
555 Lancaster - Keswick (new timetable from 19th March 2016)
755 Morecambe - Bowness (new timetable from 19th March 2016)


  1. How are Stagecoach going to turn a bus at Borwick Lane End on the new 49 timetable and then stand for 4 mins? Surely they will run to Croftlands? If so the timetable is incorrect.

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    1. Sadly now lost what was a good connection from Lancaster at Kirkby Lonsdale into the 10:45 to Skipton. Guess it will be train only now for a day out.

  3. Will anyone use the 06:20 Lancaster to Knott End 'positioning' journey on the new 89 timetable? Also note last journey from Lancaster arrives Knott End at 19:25, but no return working, so presumably runs back 'dead?' Therefore wondering why the early journey at 06:20 doesn't run out 'dead?'

  4. Mike, The timetables we have are only working documents and don't necessarily show the final position, which is why we advise people to check nearer the time. I suspect the fact that the 89 timetable starts at Lancaster and finishes at Knott End is to make it cost-neutral for potential contractors based at one end or the other. I think the final timetable will see positioning journeys added.
    Similarly, the 49 timetable is not the public version and I would expect buses to go to Croftlands.

    A lot of people, myself included, will miss that connection at Kirkby Lonsdale for Settle/Skipton.

    1. But isn't the 49 a commercial service? seems strange that there are no buses from warton towards carnforth/lancaster after 1522 on a saturday even though there are buses arriving from lancaster that will have to presumably go back to where they came from?

    2. Yes 49 will be a commercial service. The timetable was supplied to us by Stagecoach but I can offer no explanation as to why the late buses to Warton don't appear to come back in service. Perhaps things will be clearer when the public timetables are available.

  5. OK, thanks for the reply. Yes, it was a good day out to Skipton, then back via Preston to Lancaster.

  6. Hi - so for the 80-81 the last two buses are now 17.30 and 18.40 ?
    My journey is Lancaster to brookhouse

    1. Yes, those are the last two departures from Lancaster to Brookhouse.

  7. The loss of Sunday and evening services on the 89 Lancaster - Knott End route a heavy blow for people visiting relatives and friends south of the city. Are there any plans afoot at the parish council - local community level to instal some sort of replacement transport for those of us 'on foot'? Update appreciated.
    'on foot'?

    1. Unfortunately the county council has made it clear that it cannot support any Sunday services.
      We are not aware of any plans by parish councils or local groups to fund one either, although we would be happy to work with anyone to see what could be done.