Monday, 15 February 2016

Service 81 Proposals for Evenings and Sundays

When Lancashire County Council withdraw all services running under contract to them in April, Stagecoach will continue to operate a reduced timetable on services 80 and 81 (Lancaster to Ingleton/Kirkby Lonsdale), but buses will only run during the daytime and not at all on Sundays.

The Bus Users' Group is putting forward proposals to the new County Council Buses Working Party that seek to restore some of the services that will be withdrawn using the limited funding that will be available.

Here are our proposals for evening and Sunday services between Lancaster and Wennington or Hornby.  We realise that this service is vastly inferior to that currently operating, but we are being realistic in what we can expect the county council to fund.  This route is the only one out of all those due to lose them where we are proposing that evening and Sunday buses be continued.  We hope that this service would meet most essential needs but we now welcome your comments on the proposals.

Service 81  Lancaster - Wennington via Halton (Evenings)
Service 81  Lancaster - Hornby via Halton (Sundays)

All service 81A buses from Lancaster via the north side of the Lune Valley are being withdrawn. We have a proposal for a replacement service here:

Service 81A  Lancaster - Gressingham - Kirkby Lonsdale