Saturday, 13 February 2016

Lancaster BUG Seeks Passengers' Views Before Submitting Proposals to the County Council

Under the 3rd April service changes prompted by Lancashire County Council's termination of bus service contracts, a number of places are due to see large reductions in services or even to lose all their buses completely.

The County Council has set up a cross-party Working Group to consider how best to spend the £2M fund it has set aside to mitigate the effects of its own decisions.  The Bus Users' Group will be suggesting that the money is used to re-instate bus services in those areas worst affected. We will be putting detailed timetables to them for consideration on a number of routes as shown below.

Please have a look at what we are suggesting and let us have any comments or suggestions as to how they could be improved.  Please remember though that the £2M replaces a total of £7.5M currently spent and that it has to cover the whole of the county council's administrative area so there is little point in just asking for everything to be put back as it was. We feel that our proposals will cover the most people in the greatest need.

We realise that our suggestions will still leave a lot of people facing cuts to services they currently use, but once the county has made its decision we hope to work with parish councils and other groups to see how additional buses can be provided.

The Council is leaving very little time for suggestions to be made so please let us have your comments as soon as possible and by the Wednesday, 17th February at the latest.

Here are the suggested timetables.