Monday, 14 December 2015

Bus Station Closure: Alternative Stops

LATEST NEWS: The bus station will re-open from start of service tomorrow, Tuesday 15th December

With Lancaster's bus station closed for the foreseeable future, some passengers have been having difficulty in finding out where they can catch their buses. Stagecoach's website has some generic information, but not a definitive list of which bus goes from where. The city's other operator has provided full information on its website, but then they only operate three routes.

Bus companies seem to prefer you to contact Traveline for enquiries these days, but the Bus Users' Group has received a complaint that an enquiry to them resulted in the advice that everything ran from the bus station!

But there is a definitive list. To find it, just make your way down to the bus station, where your bus definitely won't be leaving from, and you'll find it posted on the closed and locked doors.  To save you the trouble, here it is:

The list. It looks as if the 89/89H to Knott End was an afterthought!
Here is the bus station today. Note that despite everything the electronic display screen is apparently working!
The deserted bus station: not immediately obvious why it's closed.

Buses that leave the city via Greaves and Bowerham are going from Dalton Square - note that they do not stop in Common Garden Street
Services 41, 2 and 3 in Dalton Square
Morecambe buses, except 6A, leave from Queen Square, a stop that normally sees little use.
Queen Square, with rudimentary staff facilities!
With the exception of service 7 to Vale and Marsh, which goes from nearby George Street, everything else goes from Common Garden Street.
Common Garden Street, with the Stagecoach staff bus and buses on the
49 and 51 that don't normally go from there.
Stagecoach have staff present at Common Garden Street and Dalton Square to assist passengers throughout the day.

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